Peña Vargas venta online


We do not ship destinations outside Spain, but you can buy products and pick them up in our showroom store, or you can contract a shipping company service in order to collect process and ship your purchase to you. You should have to pay this service to the company because this service it is not included in our prices.

Please, be in mind that shipping to countries outside of the EU may apply custom duty and/or import VAT on goods purchased from Spain. The amount of custom duty and import VAT payable will be assessed at the point of entry of the destination country. This may result in you having to pay additional charges which are not included in the price displayed at the site.

Custom duty is not applied on goods sold within the EU. Our site list prices inclusive of VAT (IVA in Spain), you should not have to pay us any additional amounts other than the price displayed.


First of all we will ask for your contact data (name, address, email, phone...) in order to email you an invoice to identify both the trading parties, the items sold, prices, delivery, payment terms, etc... -or you can also fill the purchase form below this page-. This invoice will serve as a demand for payment and will become a document of title when paid. Check it for all data to be ok.

Now its time for you to pay the invoice, we accept bank transfer payments, our bank account data will be written in the invoice. Payment must be sent in € Euro.

When payment is received we will provide you a receipt as a proof of payment, and the products will be manufactured or processed for you.

When products are ready we will notify to you in order to collect them in our facilities.